100% Free Update

Any time, when you mentioned for any update, you can download it and upgrade it.

100% Free Support

You get the complete, unencrypted source code. You're free to make absolutely any customizations needed for your project.

100% Free Languages

UniPortalX is built on the Latest versions of Microsoft technology. Every part of UniPrtalX can be edited in separate scenario.

Free Installation

The installation of UniPortalX is so easy, just copy and paste application to your root folder for your website, The installation is easy and Free.

Twitter & Facebook

Your UniPortalX members can easily sign in and publish with their existing accounts on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Attractive Templates

Our built-in themes look great on their own, but they're also built to be designer-friendly so you can make changes with ease.

Built-in Libraries

Use UniPortalXto power your entire website, or just a community section. Our simple content manager makes it easy either way.


Our growing developer community has created and themes that work with your cialEngine installation.